Our offering includes world class design, display and branding solutions to various clients in the

Our services include:

•    conceptual design;

•    customised solutions;

•    wide format printing;

•    installation and dismantling;

•    stock management and storage; and

•    rentals.

We are continuously expanding our international footprint and export to Europe, North America, Australia and Brazil.

Well known global brands such as Vodacom, Google, Adidas and HP have used our unique, green and innovation solution to promote their brand.



The FSD solution is tool-less, which translates into a number of benefits, such as:

  • decreased transport,

  • drayage and labour costs,

  • as well as simpler logistics.

  • Our custom solutions are transported in lightweight wheel bags, containing separate compartments. 

  • Using our engineered system is extremely cost effective as the initial investment in the hardware delivers its return on investment time after time.

  • The system can be adapted every time for new use by simply changing the print.