The value and impact of innovative trends in brand display

Brands, both physically and emotionally, are designed to be on display – to be seen, to be experienced, bold enough to be impressive and individual enough to be influential. Brands are a combination of visual input and perception. They provide creativity, colour, intriguing design – and very often just the comfort of what is enduring and familiar.

Brands are always on display – whether on a building, a letterhead or a uniform, they reflect the image of a company, what it stands for, and the way people feel about an organisation and its products and services. But this continuing display can ultimately become mere background noise, valued but expected and therefore almost unnoticeable.


New trends in brand display

However, there is a growing – and you could say – brilliant new marriage of brand and display that is emerging with the popular worldwide trend for conferencing and exhibitions, and more exciting retail displays. This is where organisations can showcase their brand in a way that is more than just a logo but a composite whole that allows every aspect of brand value to be displayed, subtly but powerfully, so that the consumer can engage in not only the visual aspects of colour and design and familiarity, but the full physical experience of the feel of the brand.

Display stands at trade fairs, conventions, expo’s, etc, and throughout the retail industry, are becoming so much more than just a table with a few pamphlets. Display technology today needs to be a masterful combination of information, eye-catching design, creative presentation, and an irresistible invitation to engage with the display area.

The old-fashioned way was to have a ‘stand’, a uniformly white-painted partitioned area like a chicken coop, upon which you bravely hung your logo and set out your branded pens. Today’s indoor brand displays have become a matter of interior design – seamlessly customising the environment by using every brand-point to grab attention even before the consumer meets the message. They are vibrant in attraction, invitation and interaction. Whether grand hall displays or customer-designed exhibition stands or pop-up retail, the emphasis is on connection with consumers, entertainment and the value of the experience.


Make your brand the message

If you’re wanting your brand to be on display with this kind of creative impact, then there are several points to keep in mind:
• Imagine the experience first, then map the design, then find the materials to create the full effect.
• Customise your design with customer experience in mind.
• Change the environment to best suit your message, using the latest interior design effects with regard to colour, furniture, artwork, photography and lighting, emphasising both your brand and enhanced customer experience at every point.
• Engage the customer with touch screens, intriguing content, warm, comfortable discussion areas.
• Retain customers’ attention by making use of all available materials, across walls, kiosks, multi-media displays, etc.
• And never forget the power of social media when customers tweet or post about their experience.

What is your brand saying?

Naturally you want your customers to feel part of your vision and compelled by your journey. Indoor brand displays are specific and direct, and powerful in impact. And therefore the materials you use need to be the latest in innovation and design.
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