FSD and Edge 2 Edge collaborated to build an amazing design for Genop Health this year at The Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) conference that took place during mid-March. The two masterminds behind the custom-made creation were Genevieve Momberg and Tabitha Robinson from Edge 2 Edge and were driven by a creative and very specific look and feel they wanted to achieve.

Meanwhile, FSD provided the relevant infrastructure elements needed and focused on integrating the innovative versatility of the FSD system into the design. This adventure was taken on to showcase the potential of FSD to provide sustainable custom-made stands that can be re-used and/or adapted while maintaining a unique look and feel.

FSD and Edge 2 Edge’s design and manufacturing lead time was halved to only three weeks, from design sign-off to the final installation date at the OSSA Conference.

Light it up! A study in precision

The Genop Health stand posed the challenging opportunity to light the FSD print from the back without having the shadows of the uprights and back structure falling onto the display and front print. To achieve this, the graphics were moved forward by 90mm. Special metal brackets were manufactured for this custom stand to evaluate the feasibility before investing in a permanent solution.


LED lights were considered, but because of the size of the light boxes [3m x 8m and 3m x 6m], the top and bottom light sources faded out to the middle. This resulted in a dark band on the middle print. Next, standard tube lights were tested with two running vertically, one at the top and one at the bottom. A total of 230 tube lights were tested for the 4 boxes. The end result was a perfect uniform backlit print which met and surpassed all expectations.

Genop Health requested incorporating new material available on the market, therefore Komma Alu 3mm sheets were used. The size of the sheet (1.5 x 3m) was the driving force to ensure a seamless solution.


Furthermore, the designed overhead canopy was also cladded with Komma Alu: the bottom sheet formed the ceiling and a down lighter was incorporated. The front section of the box stabilised the attached canopy which was attached to the LCD screened back wall.


Thanks are always in order!

The pressure remained high throughout the built and therefore we would like to thank the entire staff of FSD and Technimark, our Research and Development Company, for pulling together all their resources and for exceeding expectations.

We would like to single out Warren Massey and his team from Aurora Lights in Stikland for their assistance in sourcing the lighting and ensuring timely stock deliveries. We were able to prepare all the tube-light assemblies for the relevant back wall lightning in time.

Marius van der Sandt from Maizey Plastics, Stikland, supplied the precision cut Komma Alu Sheets and took extra precaution not to damage any of the panels.

This huge learning experience showcased FSD’s versatility to expand through greater vision and creative thinking.