2016 Exhibition Trends: The stuff of dreams

The exhibition arena is increasingly becoming a vehicle of entertainment as much as promotion. Exhibitions for 2016 will need to apply real creativity if they want to connect with visitors overburdened with visual information and ever diminishing attention spans. New trends in exhibiting will see stands designed to draw visitors into what may be described as an Aladdin’s cave of fascination and fantasy.



Three key trends: interactive themes, digital, and green.

Themes: Customers will engage through interactive displays that are unexpected and fun. Physical interaction, visual storytelling and gaming are rising trends that will allow users to walk through a branded environment, engaging in contests and competitions along the way. Your exhibit should present a fantastical vehicle for viewing your brand in a new light. Marketing will change from showing the benefit of the product to promoting the feeling the brand promises to deliver.

Digital: Exhibition design is becoming the interface between customers, marketing and technology. While digital has long been on the rise, it’s going to rule in 2016. Digital will provide real-time interactive engagement while revealing an incredible virtual new world to your customers. The future can be brought to their fingertips as they experience the benefits and lifestyle changes your brand offers. Exhibit designers need to research, evaluate and visualise their customers’ perspectives – and then design a digital experience that will tantalize and delight while remaining aligned to brand focus and business strategy.

Green: Green responsibility will be a vital factor in 2016. Exhibitors will need to use display materials that are reusable or recyclable, and also easy to erect and dismantle without leaving damage. Lighting in 2016 will definitely be exciting: reduced, subtle, energy-efficient yet still with the power to amaze. Digital communication through email and sms rather than leaflets is fast becoming the vogue. Clean, clear and smart, digital will provide incredible opportunities for connecting more directly with interested customers, keeping communications alive, fresh and saving paper.

Creating the magic

To create these magical worlds of persuasion, you need to combine imagination with adaptable, durable and visually-enhancing display materials. What you dream must be supported by systems that enhance both your brand and your vision. Full Stretch Display (FSD) offers world-class design, display and branding solutions. We manufacture a patented tensioned fabric display system with customised application for exhibitions, conferencing, roadshows and events.

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