Integrating the Digital Experience in Retail and Exhibition Display

Nowadays, how do you really know if someone is taking notice of your brand? A few words come to mind.  Like, Share, Retweet, Pin etc. It’s a social media society out there and finding ways to keep engaging with your audience in an attention economy, where everyone is screaming for conversion, remains challenging.  

Without sales people present on the shop floor, visiting a storefront still ends up being a one-way conversation.
The reality is that as social media evolve, the science of person-to-person engagement would also need to adapt.  Retail and exhibition design will be driven by measuring engagement and on-site experience.



As we specialise in creating custom experiences for exhibition and retail environments, we have thought about:

  • How to reach, engage and teach an online generation about attending an exhibition and experiencing the value of face-to-face marketing.
  • Integrating games - will “apps” become the engagement tool that drives the on-site experience?
  • Customising the stand as to create true opportunities for feedback.

A project that involved digital interaction for us, a few years ago, was the Toys-R-Us in store gondola-ends.
Our brief was to integrate digital visual imagery in retail display to increases sales. The pilot stores where these gondola-ends were launched included Toys R’ Us in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  

We developed three prototypes before the final product was launched.

Prototype to Final

The products were merchandised on the gondola-end and the video explained and promoted the product’s use.  The print provided a true encapsulation of the digital experience.  Within a year this roll out was done to the all Toys ‘R Us stores nationwide who took six gondola-end units per store.

StarWars Lego UnitBakugan Unit in Store 


What the experiences are that a specific target audience will find rewarding enough, will however, require more research.  Creating outstanding “experiences” will be a growing consideration as the retail and exhibition industry steps into the future.

One thing is for sure - we need new applications and creative thinking in retail display.