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Displays, Banners, Stands, Wall MountsWe are often posed with the following question by brand managers and clients:  “How can we communicate our brand message consistently in a retail environment and change our shop fittings, without disrupting our business”? Not only do your products need to embody your brand values, but the surroundings in which you sell them need to communicate a brand experience, in order to simplify consumer choice.

Budget constrains in our economic environment, digital advertising and ever changing customer demands are challenging current retail shop fitting and design and the focus of our retailers is consequently directed to alternative retail display options.

This is where Full Stretch Display enters the retail market. Whether it is shop fitting a new store or upgrading the interior design of an existing retail space, the Full Stretch Display system meets this need every time and features a unique patented tensioning system that can be customised to serve as a viable option in addressing various display challenges.

Space Equals Money

One of the challenges retailers may have to deal with is how to effectively address vast empty wall spaces featured in huge warehouses. This was one of the challenges the Full Stretch Display design and technical team took head on recently when they were approached by Brights Hardware & Electrical.  With some genius technical design, a system was attached to the walls of their.

Uitzicht store by using the Full Stretch Display Wall Mount, not only functionally filling an empty space, but also providing ambiance. The owner also brought in a digitally printed image of his children playing at a swimming pool, which appeared at one of the main entrances, doubling as retail signage to indicate the swimming pool merchandise department.

The total length of the system installed was over 130 meters and featured four separate continuous digital prints. The Full Stretch Display system also enables owners to change the marketing and branding message without minimal expenditure and hassle or disruption to future trading. Due to client satisfaction, Full Stretch Display was approached by the owner to install a similar system in another new warehouse, opening soon.

Retail & Brand Applications, Digital Advertising

Engineered to meet Digital Advertising Standards

Full Stretch Display also pioneered the use of Gondolas, incorporating digital advertising services off-site. Gondolas are a clever and ingenious method to hide unsightly open ends of merchandise packing space by enclosing the ends with branded advertising, incorporating the use of digital information displayed on a LCD screen. The advertising information can be changed off-site, while the brand message printed on the fabric enclosure forming the Gondola, stays unchanged. This practical solution is already in frequent use by a major national toy store chain.

Changing Booths without the Hardware

Another application used by clothing retail stores is changing booths. The ease to erect, together with the adaptability of the Full Stretch System, makes it an obvious choice in addressing the need of in-store changing booths. The tool-less environment decreases onsite manual labour costs and also minimises the logistics.

Retail & Brand Applications, Popup AdvertisingPop Up Stores vs. Traditional Retail

The demand for pop up stores is constantly increasing, especially in Australia, where a major Australian Telecom, Telstar launched their new roll-out of pop up stores in all major shopping malls, as opposed to opening expensive stores that are traditionally shop fitted. The adaptability of the Full Stretch Systems is a proven science in this field.

Blockbusters, a major video store chain in the United States, have opted to use the Full Stretch Display system, marketed in USA as Triga, for advertising new releases in all their stores. For this application they used the Box Tower system which gave al round access to customers. This further showcases the endless possibilities that can be achieved by the creative application of the Full Stretch Systems.

Cape Town Fishmarket

Most franchisors are faced with the logistic nightmare of simultaneously changing marketing material at all the franchisees. This often requires that all outlets portray the same marketing message at a given time. This was not always possible as franchisee’s had to send away the traditional pop up systems to replace the marketing banner, leaving them without branding. This also proved to be a very expensive exercise, not taking into an account the precious advertising time lost. Hence the decision to adopt the Full Stretch Display’s stand-alone systems. This gave them the freedom to interchange graphics seamlessly and without unnecessary marketing time wasted, as the head office would simply deliver the new marketing material with instructions and dates on which the graphic prints should be replaced with the new marketing material. As they already own the hardware structure all that needs to be done is to order and distribute the new graphics to all the franchisees. The Full Stretch Display stand-alone system comes in a single side or double sided print. The double sided print encloses the structure all around to ensure that the attention is drawn to the brand message. Further options include a concave or straight feature that addresses the client’s specific look and feel requirements.