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The Science of Display  - Striving for Perfection

Display Booths, Promotions, Exhibition StandsAlan Kay once said: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Have you ever wondered what it is that draws you into a particular store or attracts your attention at an exhibition?  Is it the shop front window, the signage, the evocative branding on the walls?

How do you feel when you enter the space? Do you want to escape, or linger and browse?

When you leave, what do you take with you? A feeling of quality or excitement, or do you leave disappointed, feeling unenthused?  

After all, there is a reason they call it “retail therapy”!
We believe the answer lies in the interpretation of a brand’s needs.  A lot happens between concept and final construction. Display is a science.  

At FSD you will find that, if you can imagine it, we can create it.  

Our systems are innovative, customisable, modular, flexible, durable and versatile.

The concept

Flexibile, Sustainable, Modular - FSD ConceptExhibition Stands & Displays, Event Décor

In order to create their ultimate vision, we start the process by asking our clients leading questions based on our years of experience. This incorporates vital information regarding the technical aspects of the display and what is logistically possible. Our innovative approach is taking our client’s display systems to the next level.

Our R&D department conducts relevant research and constructs engineered drawings to scale, whilst taking safety aspects into account.  At one of our major projects at the Sandton Convention Centre, we needed to take health and safety laws and the role of public liability into account. This also applies to displays at airports, parking garages and other public places.

sandton convention centre

As customisation is one our leading values, we factor this into the design. For example, if LCD screens need to be added to the display, the weight needs to be taken into account in the design process. Continuous prints versus panels remain one of the vital components in deciding how the system will be designed and set up. If, for example, we portray a scene from nature, we would customise our system to establish a natural flow complementing the final message. From planning to setup, the print and system has to integrate seamlessly.  We believe in a holistic process – beginning with the end in mind.

The planning


Important steps  to take into account during planning are the dates and times for delivery as well as artwork and print specifications, which will influence the choice of printer and the lead times for production. Special features that can be incorporated within the system, such as cabling or transparent perspex, need to be ordered in advance to coincide with the rest of the production process.

Engineered for perfection

Once the concept and planning is in the bag, we start the engineering process. This involves a pre-build in order to troubleshoot the design and setup. Here we identify the design shortcomings in order to proactively advise our clients on adjustments. The system needs to be secured and the engineers need to determine whether the design is feasible and practical.

The execution


The artwork has been printed, the system designed, engineered and tested.  Subsequently, this leads to individually packing the components into custom bags to deliver the final product, either by hand or via courier.

If FSD is responsible for the setup, our setup team is fully briefed with specific instructions and they are knowledgeable and equipped to deal with eventualities on the day to ensure that the system delivers.  

If the system is used at an expo and needs to be dismantled, our breakdown team assists and the components are packaged and either delivered back to the client or stored at our factory for future use.

We have setup teams available nationally as well as rental options, which is an alternative to purchasing the hardware. If you opt to rent, you only purchase the print. We have a hardware rental warehouse featuring items that will address any client’s needs.

Our end goal remains a happy client

 Your next expo or merchandising project does not need to be a daunting task, leaving you panic stricken or your customers uninspired about your products or services. Speak to us today about your branding or display needs.

Imagine. Create. Display