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Wall Mounts

Transform almost any available wall space into fabric billboards of any length, with height determined only by the available space..

Our vibrant-looking fabric prints can be rolled or even folded for low cost transporation. Once the tension devices on the display are extended, it automatically pulls the graphic taught over the display. Any restaurant, retail store or hotel owner can now mount FSD Wall Mounts to client-facing walls, load graphics, and quickly change them out without any tools or special equipment. Many owners are billing key suppliers for this valuable in store advertising space, to help them launch a new product or service. Graphics can be as high as 5m and any length to cover an entire wall, or sections of it. 

 Ideal for interior displays in retail and commercial environments.

Wall Mounts can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces.

Prints are quick and easy to change with no tools and only basic training required.

High quality finish and strong aesthetic  appeal.


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