Exhibition Rentals:  The Affordable Way to Great Brand Exposure

Branding your next event?

Setting up the infrastructure for your next road show could cost a fortune in equipment, logistical costs and insurance, not to mention the time spent!  Yes, time is money.

Whether you require a complex setup or a small system, FSD can provide an alternative solution on a rental basis, while solving many headaches for your brand or event managers.

The FSD System offers the perfect solution. Rent the hardware components and by merely changing the print, the system adapts to your latest needs and campaign, again and again.

Check out some of the rental projects that we have worked on:

Kirstenbosch concerts

Backdrop for Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts

FIFA trophy

Backdrop for FIFA World Cup Trophy stage

Our services include:

  • Providing and setting up the rented hardware structure based on the design and lay-out of the proposed stand
  • Printing of supplied artwork to specifications to fit the stand.

Cost savings to you:

  • You can now showcase a much more sizeable stand, thereby increasing the impact of your brand, without investing in the hardware
  • No need to lease space for storing the components or spend money insuring them
  • No stock control or stock losses that you need to worry about
  • We take care of the setup and breakdown (also saving you costs)
  • We also carry the risk for breakage until the unit is setup.

 So contact us today!

Exhibition Rentals

Agency:  B-Line Creations
Event: Rocking the Daisies
Client: SAB

We created a 30 x 3 m backdrop incorporating 3 clusters of fridges for a hospitality application. This illustrates the customised and modular nature of the FSD system.

rental 4

rental 5


Event: Hansa Jazz Festival
Client: SAB    
Agency:  B-Line Creations

Another creation showcasing a 30 x 3 m high backdrop, incorporating 5 clusters of fridges for the same client. The sheer size of this application made it worthwhile for the client not to invest in the hardware but rather to rent the components.