Assembly Instructions

Promotional Display Systems

FULL STRETCH DISPLAY system owners quickly erect strong, lightweight aluminium display structures using no tools or complicated clips. Structures are then easily "clad" with inkjet-printed fabrics or pre-pigmented decorative textiles. With the click of a few FULL STRETCH DISPLAY tensioning devices, large seamless walls of elegant-looking printed fabrics are created.

FULL STRETCH DISPLAY hardware is virtually invisible when in use. Viewers don’t see display hardware – they see brand and message via large, vibrant graphics.

Unlike retractable banner-stands and old-style "POP-Up" displays, FULL STRETCH DISPLAY hardware is completely modular, meaning it can be expanded, contracted and continually reconfigured into different structures to meet users ever-changing creative display requirements.

The heart of the FULL STRETCH DISPLAY fabric display system is the unique patented FULL STRETCH DISPLAY self-tensioning device. This small, self-contained spring-loaded unit ensures that your fabric graphics won't slip, slide or start curling in their corners. The FULL STRETCH DISPLAY system also allows owners to change their graphics as often as they'd like to – simply release and replace the existing fabric and snap the new one into place, or swap it for a rigid, decorated board panel with display hooks and shelving.